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“RS EVENT multiday” is a WordPress-Plugin to show events on your blog. It is based on RS EVENT by Robert Sargant. This new version can also deal with events, that last for several days. Furthermore, it offers four different output formats.

Latest version: 1.3.2

The WordPress-Plugin “RS EVENT multiday” can be downloaded at the Plugin Directory of

RS EVENT multiday at

You will find all the information you need for installing and using the RS EVENT multiday at the plugin page of

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356 Gedanken zu „RS EVENT multiday

  1. Andy

    I have the RS event multiday working, but I would like to have two lists (eg use categories) – how can I select items to list under each category? Thanks for any help!

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      Do you want to use RS Event multiday as widgets or as part of the template code?
      If you use it as a widget, you can easily add several ones to your sidebar and choose the category you want to display for each widget seperately.

      1. Andy

        I want to use it as a sidebar widget. I would like to have two, one for each type of events we have. I see the box in the settings to set categories but I am unsure how to tag my page to be category 1 or category 2.

        Thanks for your help!

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      @Peter van Vliet
      As you might know, events are nothing else then ordinary WordPress posts with some special data (=hidden custom fields). However, I do not know any way, how the WordPress backend can do bulk operations with custom fields. So, the first step to your aim might be to work with categories (e.g. category “event”) and to exclude this category from the archive.

  2. Christoffel Couck

    I like the plugin but would like to translate the “read more” text that links to the news item into “lees meer” and I can’t seem to be able to do that. I have already tried to change that by adapting the css line under “input controls” but that does not work. Any pointers on how to solve this?
    Thanks – Chris

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      @Christoffel Couck
      The “read more” is just a default setting for the output. If you use the widget, you can change the output in the lines “Output HTML-1 and -2 and -3 and -4″. You might have to scroll the text to the right.
      If you want to change the code itself, just have a look at the lines 76 to 79.

  3. Claudia Conn

    We are trying to convert our website to WordPress from CMSMadeSimple. I am using your plug-in (widget) to do the “News” function. Really nice plug-in and easy to set up. My only problem is that when I schedule a post (ask to publish at future date), it fails to publish and gives me “Missed Schedule” message in the listings of posts. If I go back in and select “Edit” for the publish date, change nothing, return to post page and hit the “Publish” button, it shows up. I have timespan=360 and history=0 in my settings.

    Any ideas what is happening? I can get around the problem by checking for “Missed Schedule” each week and manually publishing but would like to use the schedule feature if possible.

    Thanks, Claudia

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      @Peter van Vliet
      I’m sorry, but I am not quite familiar with creating rss-feeds. Please, give it a try to use the function rs_event_id(). This will output an array with all the post-ids of events. You can configure the function rs_event_id() the same way like rs_event_list(). Of course, you do not need all the output stuff, since the functions just outputs ids. And maybe, you can go on creating an rss-feed based on this array.

  4. Eva

    Hey Florian,

    I like your plugin very much and all works well, thank you! But I am trying to find a solution how to add a link under the the events in my sidebar, which links to the events-overview page (the rs_event_list() page).

    Something link this:
    Event 1
    Event 2
    Event 3
    Show all events (link to the overview page)

    I think everybody who uses a page with rs_event_list() needs this, so I am sure you have the solution :)

    Thank you for your answer,

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      There is and maybe never will be the solution you want. Why? Two reasons:
      1. You can put the function es_event_list() to any template file you want, so I cannot tell, how the page might be named, where you put the list. Consequently, it is impossible for me to add a link to a certain page to the plugin’s code.
      2. It is very, very simple to achieve, what you want. Just use the ordinary wordpress text widget and place the link to your list-page in there (in HTML code, of course),
      e.g. <a href="">see all events</a>.
      However, you still have to add the function to the code of a page template of your theme.

      1. Eva

        Thanks for your answer.

        2. is what I did first. But here I have problems with the style, because between every widget my theme adds an and 30px margin, so my link doesn’t look like belonging to the events.

        1. I understand the problem: But isn’t it possible to add a blank field where everybody could add its own link and linktext?

        For now I found the solution in modifiying your code. I just added the following line under
        /*** Now output the array */
        in the echo part:
        Alle Termine anzeigen
        For me this workes well.

        But if you ever add the “Add link part” (1.) to your code – please let me know :)

          1. Florian Artikelautor

            It depends on the WP Theme, if the tags work. With most themes, they do not work well, so the best way is to transform the code to html entities, e.g. via

        1. Florian Artikelautor

          I like your idea and I think I will add it to the next version of the plugin. However, it needs a way to turn on and turn of that link, so the way you solved it might not be the best solution for all. I’ll think about it.

  5. Peter van Vliet

    I have 2 questions:
    1: the year for events is limited tot 2016, how can i add extra years?
    2: there seems to be a limit on the # of events listed per page, and no “next page” link. Can I change that?

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      @Peter van Vliet
      answer to 1: Please, change the “+2″ on line 232 of the plugin’s code to any number you want, e.g. “+5″
      answer to 2: There are different parameters like timespan or max_events. The default values are 365 days into the future for timespan and no limit for a maximum number of events. Maybe, your theme intervenes with the plugin. However, the plugin itself does not support pagination.

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      RS EVENT multiday simply adds some meta information (similar to custom fields, just hidden) to an ordinary post. Consequently, the events should behave similarly like any other post.

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      Use the function rs_event_post() in your single-post-template (e.g. single.php of your theme) and configure the parameter html_post_v1 (and or _v2, _v3, _v4)

  6. Sören


    Thank you for this simple but useful plugin! I have some troubles using certain symbols in the “location” field. It seems to me that certain characters are being escaped which makes it impossible to use e.g. apostrophes. Could you tell me a how to circumvent this?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Sören

      OK, I just found the problem: the value of the “location” field that appears in the admin area when editing a post has not been escaped. This can easily be corrected by changing line 412
      echo $location;
      into e.g.
      echo htmlspecialchars($location, ENT_QUOTES);.


      1. Florian Artikelautor

        Thank you for offering a solution to your problem. I am going to include that bugfix as soon as I publish the next version of the plugin. Thanks!!!

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      @Peter van Vliet
      The plugin itself does not have any css source. The code rs-groupdate-month is there, to give you the chance to style the month name via the css file of your theme.
      However, when I had a look at your page and it seems you already managed to style the month name :-)

      1. Peter van Vliet

        Florian, thank you. Yes, I continued digging and found some solution. Documentations of the plugin seem to be aimed at experienced programmers; some more extensive description (and examples….) for less experienced users would be more than welcome, not only for me I think ;)

  7. Ruud

    Hello, maybe this question has been asked before.
    Is it possible to show an event for the current day or week Preferably without starting date and / or date?

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      If you know some PHP, it should be no problem at all. Just use the function rs_event_id() to get the ids for all your events of a certain timespan. Since an event is nothing else than an ordinary post with some meta values, rs_event_id() can help you to build the loop you want.

      Using the function rs_event_list() or the sidebar widget, it might be a problem to reach your goal. You can only set a timespan calculated in days, but you cannot set “show only today’s events” or “show only this week’s events”.

      The output can be easily confiigured by setting the html-1 to html-2 output. In your case, you just have to omit the wildcards %date% %enddate% and %startdate%.

  8. peter

    Hi, maybe this question has been asked before, though I couldn’t trace it:
    when listing events as posts, they are ordered by date of post creation. How can I order them by date of the event?

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      Well, the events are supposed to be ordered by the date of the event? Are you sure you use either the widget or the function rs_event_list() and not an ordinary wp loop to show the event list?

      The ordinary wordpress loop (e.g. on your front page) still treats the events as ordinary posts as well. So, if you want them exclude from a wordpress loop, you have to use and work with categories.

      1. peter

        Thank you Florian, in the widget it is ok. What I need tot do is list the events, selected by category, where categories are part of the loop. I only recently moved to WordPress, so my knowledge is less than complete ;) Sorry for that….

      2. peter

        Ok, I found the solution: put something like this in a template on a separate page.
        Sometimes life is simple (part thanks to Florian!)

        ‘date_format_1′ => ‘m|d|Y’,
        ‘date_format_2′ => ‘m|d’,
        ‘html_list_v1′ => ‘%DATE%, %TIME%%TITLE%‘,
        ‘html_list_v2′ => ‘%DATE%%TITLE%‘,
        ‘html_list_v3′ => ‘%DATE% to %ENDDATE%%TITLE%‘,
        ‘html_list_v4′ => ‘%DATE% (multiday!!!)%TITLE%‘,
        ‘max_events’ => 4,


        1. Florian Artikelautor

          First of all, welcome to wordpress. You will see, wordpress offers many great solutions to get exactly what you want. Sometimes, it just needs some time to google. The best place to start is usually
          In my eyes, the most important feature of wordpress is templates. It might take two or three ours, to become familiar with it, but that is definitely worth it and it is essential. Please have a look at:
          Enjoy it!!

  9. Clara

    I really enjoy this pugin. I do have one or two questions about it. I changed the “more” button to the German “mehr” and I took out the little arrows in front of and behind the button. It does show that in the sidebars along with a “;” underneath it.
    It didn’t change to “mehr” in the default sidebar that works with the blog template on the page “Aktuelles”.
    I was wondering why that is and how I could fix that. Also I would like that “;” to go away.
    And as if that isn’t enough, I would also like the “mehr” to be red, which the plugin has ignored so far.
    I’m not really fit in any programming language, so I would appreciate a “how to” version for dummies ;)
    Thanks, Clara

    1. Florian Artikelautor

      First of all: Thanks for writing in English! This helps others to find solutions to their problems via a google search.

      I assume, you use multiple instances of the widget. One is only visible at your page “Aktuelles” and another one is visible at all the other pages. Please, check your settings at That’s why, you get a different output and the “mehr” is not shown at your page “Aktuelles”. If you do not know what I am talking about or if you cannot page any changes to your page template for “Aktuelles”, please get in contact with the developer of the Theme you use.

      To get rid of the “;” please check the output settings of the widget again. The should all end with
      read more
      and nothing else.
      If there is no “;” in the output settings at your widget at all, this problem might be also caused by the css of your theme.

  10. Florian Artikelautor

    Honestly, ad the moment, I have no idea, what causes this problem. Some more information might me helpful.
    How do your user access the media library or how is the access possible or not possible? Via the edit post page with the “add media” button? Generally via the media library?

  11. Prolet

    Hi Florian,

    Thank you for the plugin!
    I’d like to have it on my website, because is very simple and yet do good job.
    My problem is that the plugin gives to the end user full access to the media library. I f I don’t use the plugin, my users have access only to their section of media library and they are not able to view, edit or use other’s media files.
    Is there any way you to advise me how to have your plugin but with limited media-library access?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,

  12. Florian

    It is no problem to list the events on a page. Just create a page template for your theme and include the function rs_event_list() in the code.
    The order by date should be set by default. However, if you want to pass any parameters to the function rs_event_list(), just have a look at the very bottom of the following page:

    You should be familiar with php and the code, especially template tags, to do all these operations. If you are not, google or might be helpful.

  13. Dave


    Great plug-in and it works well in the sidebar. I read that it is possible to create a full list of events on a page, ordered by date. Can you tell me how to do that please?

  14. Florian

    I am sorry, but I cannot help you with that, since I do not know, what WordPress-theme you use. Just give it a try until you are happy with your result. Please rembember, the function rs_event_post() is php, that means it has to be within < ?php and ?>

  15. Florian

    In order to show the event data at the post itself, you have to add the function re_event_post() to your single-post-template. This template is usually named single.php and located in the theme folder of your wordpress installation.

  16. Frank

    stell ich mich jetzt blöd an?

    Wie bekomm ich es hin, dass der Event auch direkt im Post angezeigt wird? Also Tag, Zeit, Ort etc.

    ciao :)

  17. Florian

    @GEH Web Developer
    I think I found your problem. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the plugin. The problem was caused by the f*** (sorry) youtube video you tried to embed.

    The source code shows the html-code-comment:

    <!-- Youtube video embed in Sidebar --!>

    The closing tag for a html-code-comment is “–>” without the “!”. Newer browser can deal with this kind of “mistake”. Older ones cannot.

  18. Florian

    @GEH Web Developer
    Have a look at the source code “Explore Cinematic History” at the bottom of your page right above the social media icons. The ul-tags are opened but not closed.
    The problem might be at the code of the plugin. Please go to line 857 and change the code to the following one:

    echo '<ul class=\"rsevent\"><li class=\"rsevent\">'.implode('</li><li class=\"rsevent\">', $output_array_list).'</li></ul>';

    The difference is, that some of the ” are changed to ‘. Please let me know as soon as possible, if this solved your problem, so I can publish a bugfix.


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