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„RS EVENT multiday“ is a WordPress-Plugin to show events on your blog. It is based on RS EVENT by Robert Sargant. This new version can also deal with events, that last for several days. Furthermore, it offers four different output formats.

Latest version: 1.3.2

The WordPress-Plugin „RS EVENT multiday“ can be downloaded at the Plugin Directory of

RS EVENT multiday at

You will find all the information you need for installing and using the RS EVENT multiday at the plugin page of

For support, please leave a comment at the very bottom of this page.

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  1. OH man, I’m so bummed. Is there a way to maybe just add the necessary code to a page template and let me see if it works?

    If not, we’ll move one. Thanks Florian. I’m disappointed.


  2. @Chelsea
    I had a look at the theme you have sent me. „frailespatique“ seems to be quite a complex theme, which works with a certain template structure and I think it might take me some time to understand it and to make changes to it. However, what you ask for is far beyond the support I offer here, since the plugin seems to work alright and I cannot offer tailored solutions to any theme. Maybe you find a way to work with the Widget in the sidebar. Sorry.

  3. @Chelsea
    Please send me the link via E-Mail. I think, I might need all theme-files!!! However, I will not be able to take a look at it until next Tuesday. Sorry about that.

  4. Hi Florian
    You can’t get the theme for free but I could upload it to a 4shared account I have and email you the link to download it. It is from Themeforest.

    If you are willing to do that, then here are the answers to your questions:

    2. I want it on a page (b) as you stated.
    3. I don’t want to turn off the sidebar but I want the list to among other text and maybe images. So, I think option A is that I want for this one.

    Let me know if you are willing to download the theme from my 4shared account or if I should send you a specific page template etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  5. @Chelsea
    In order to help you, please answer me the following questions:

    1. What is the name of the WordPress-Theme you use? Please tell me the name and send me the link. If I cannot get it for free, I am sorry, I will not be able to help you.

    2. Where do you want to show the RS EVENT multiday list?
    a) In the sidebar on every page where you show widgets (like the HNN Archives or Advanced Random Posts)
    b) On a certain „Events“-Page (like

    3. If you want to show it on a certain events page, where should the list be placed?
    a) E.g. on the left among other stuff
    b) LIKE a sidebar on the right
    Comment: Please be aware, that „sidebar“ means a designated area in WordPress themes, that uses the sidebar.php of your theme and usually gets costumized by Widgets. However, you can turn off the sidebar with page-templates and use the whole width of your site. Then an area might look like a sidebar when you place stuff as a column on the left or right (with CSS), but in fact it is not one.

  6. Oh I guess I should post my question here that I emailed to you:

    I am hoping, praying you can help me.

    I’m not very good at writing php templates. Would you happen to have the ability to change this php template to exhibit the Event List on a page?

    I’ve attached a php file from my current theme. I desperately need your help.

    I looked up on google how to create a php template. My struggle is I’m not sure how to write a function and in the end what it all supposed to look like.

    I just want a normal page, with a right sidebar option, that outputs the events list.

    I would like for the page to display the following information concerning each event, if possible:

    date_format_1 – dmy
    html_list_v1 (as well as v2, v3, v4) I’m not sure which one is best
    max_events – 10
    group_by_date – 1
    sort_order (most upcoming event first and so on)
    category – all/0
    Customizing the html-output
    The values “html_list_vX” and “html_post_vX” can be styled both for the widget and within templates. Simply use html-code and the following parameters:
    %URL% the URL of the post with the event
    %DATE% the start-date of the event, formatted as date_format_1 in _v1, _v2 and _v4 and as date_format_2 in _v3.
    %ENDDATE% the end-date of the event, formatted as date_format_2
    %TIME% the event time, formatted as time_format.
    %TITLE% the title of the post.
    %LOCATION% the location of the event or any other information you might want to add
    %FULLTEXT% the entire text of the post.
    %EXCERPT% the post excerpt.

    Please please please help me!
    Chelsea Martin

  7. Hi I also sent you an email

    I am totally a newbie at writing template codes. I understand where to put the template php at the top and I get the paramenters, etc. But, I just am not sure where to put the code within the template.

    I sent you an email with the template attached and a request, if you could, to help me write the code, with the function information, and assistance with where to put it.

    I’m so crazy lost and I really, really, want to use the plugin.

    I also saw above, after reading almost every single entry this code: Would this work for anyone and if so, where do I put it and do I need to add anything to it?

    Please help me.
    Thank you.

    $rs_id_query = new WP_Query($args);
    while ($rs_id_query->have_posts()) : $rs_id_query->the_post();
    $args = array(
    ‚html_post_v1‘ => ‚%LOCATION% | %DATE% @ %TIME%‘,
    ‚html_post_v2‘ => ‚%LOCATION% | %DATE%‘,
    ‚html_post_v3‘ => ‚%LOCATION% | %DATE% – %ENDDATE%‘,
    ‚html_post_v4‘ => ‚%LOCATION% | %DATE% (multi-day event)‘,
    foreach((get_the_category($rs_id)) as $category) {
    echo ‚ ‚ . $category->cat_name;

  8. @ferdi
    I have never thought of using the plugin to show only the events, that take place on a specific day (like today) or right now. Great, that you have suggested a change to the code. I will have a look at it and maybe I publish a bugfix a.s.a.p.

  9. @Florian

    widget setting:
    show up to=0

    Example post setting

    start date 15 July
    and date 17July
    Multiday Yes
    remove from list by end date

    Today 15 July with this setting the event does not appear.

    But I think I’ve solved with these changes:
    in rows 1073 and 1815 I replaced

    meta1.meta_value <= {$upper_time}


    meta2.meta_value <= {$upper_time}

    seems to work..

  10. @ferdi
    Thanks for your comment. I will have a look at the plugin. However, can you give me some examples to make it easier for me to understand the problems. Please, just list up a view dates, so I can see the problem myself.

  11. fantastic plugin, but I have e problem similar @Pepper

    I think plugin is using the end date to line up in the list e not the beginning date in case of 2 days longer event .

    When i display “today event” all it’s OK with single day or multiday event (max 2 day long)
    The muliday event with more than 2 days are display correctly only in list with timespan greater than the distance from today end the end date event.

  12. wont this add it to every page? I want to just to a simple add so it appears on one of the pages in full. It’s already listed with a widget in the right margin and that works great.

  13. I’m loving this widget, but I was wondering if there was a simple way to call this up on a regular page. I want it to be incorporated into a page about our events. For example, on the main nav of our site there is a „bear Bash parties“ tab and I want all the events to be listed on this page. Is that possible?

    First of all, thanks for writing in English (just see some posts above). These comments are the FAQ-section of the plugin, so I would love to have all the questions and answers in English.

    You cannot do it with the widget, but you can, when you use the functions rs_event_id() and rs_event_list() in a template:

    $eventids = rs_event_id($argsevent);
    if ($eventids) {
    rs_event_list($argsevent); }

  15. Ach so, ich könnte natürlich auch auf deutsch schreiben 😉 Gibt es einen einfachen Weg, um gar keinen Output zu haben, wenn es keine Termine in der eingestellten Zeit gibt? Die no_event_msg könnte ich zwar auskommentieren im Plugin, aber das berührt das Erscheinen des Widgets selbst so gar nicht… Und es wäre auch nicht update-freundlich, womit ich leben könnte.

  16. Thanx for the evolved plugin. I really appreciate your work! Is there a way to make no output appear at all, when there are no upcoming events? I can find at the source code, where the message is put into the list and can comment this out easily. But the widget still has a title then 😉

  17. @Kurt
    You are right, the RS EVENT Widget can only be placed once at your sidebar via the Widget-Control panel of the WP-backend. The only way to place more than one instance at your sidebar is to edit manually the sidebar.php of your theme. Just include the rs_event_list() function there several times and costumize it with different arguments.
    However, I do not know exactly, how to edit the sidebar.php manually and still manage some other widgets at the WP-backend. It might be helpful, that you read some stuff about the sidebar.php at

  18. Hi
    I recently tested your plugin and I think it does exactly that I was looking for. In have created different sidebars (Custom Sidebars) for each category. Now when I want to configure them, your „RS Event Plugin“ can only be placed once. How can I place more than one an each shows its related events?

  19. maybe someone needs something like this: i want the name of the location to appear before the link to the event but without adding the location in the admin interface. so i did it with CSS „content“ and the „attribute-selector“:

    li.rsevent a[href*=’termine/club-newyork‘]:before { content:“Club New York „; }


    li.rsevent a[href*=’termine/club-boston‘]:before { content:“Club Boston „; }

    so in my output on the website there always stands the name of the location without adding the name in the admin panel.

    in wordpress i added a function to appear every event in a templat-site of it’s own category, i did it with editing the „single.php“ this way:

    maybe it helps someone …

  20. okay, i think i will use the optional „location“ tag to add something like „duration: 2 hours“. anyway – thanks for the great plugin. most event-plugins are too overloaded for my project and i love to use normal articles for events.

  21. is it possible to give it an end TIME, too? not only an end DAY … because i need something like:
    „Meeting / 24.06.2011 / 15:30 – 16:30“ …

  22. @Jörg
    I am sorry, but I cannot see any way to solve your problem. Maybe some else can and he/she posts the solution here. Maybe, it is helpful for you to try to change the timespan parameter of the plugin-functions and/or to change the publish-date of the event-posts at the edit-post-page in your wp-backend.

  23. @Michael
    Thanks for posting in English. I know, my English definitely not the best. However, this is the best way to reach as many people as possible, who are interested in this plugin.
    I guess, RS EVENT multiday is not the best plugin for your solution, since it uses the php operator msql2date in order to store the event time and date at the database (e.g. line 582ff. of the code). This was already introduced my Robert Sargant, so I have to admit I am not so familiar with it. Consequently, you cannot transfer data from an external table to the mysql-tables directly. Sorry.

  24. So again another question: We are not sure if RS Event Multiday is the correct solution for our problem: We want to add some Dates with an external (self-written) Program.
    So we have to use the WordPress-DB and the post/postmeta-tables and add own Dates. I dont think that this is the best solution? On the other hand we want to use just ONE Calendar for ALL Dates. Any idea or any hint? Maybe another plugin?
    Thanks again.

  25. Hey, red ich hier gegen eine Wand. Entweder die Anfragen kommen auf Englisch oder ich beantworte Sie in Zukunft nicht mehr. Will mir ja nicht zweimal die Arbeit machen.

    All the data to an event is stored at the postmeta-table and connected to the post-table.

  26. Hi.
    Ich habe dein Plugin ebenfalls installiert. Leider konnte ich bisher nicht herausfinden, in welche Tabelle der mySQL-DB die Einträge geschrieben werden? Hintergrund ist, dass wir evtl auch noch mit einem selbstgeschriebenen Programm sozusagen extern noch einige Termine eintragen wollen. Ist das mit diesem Plugin machbar? Wo genau liegen die Informationen unter mySQL, die man dazu benötigt?

  27. Hey, Leute, könnte wir es bitte auch weiterhin so halten, dass wir die Fragen und Antworten auf Englisch formulieren. Das Plugin erfreut sich internationaler Beliebtheit und es ist nur fair, wenn das Forum somit allen zugänglich ist. Danke.

    @Dr. Satori
    No, I do not think about creating a reminder for guest or anything like that. However, the plugin is licensed under GPL, so please feel free to build one and share it. Would be great!!!

    In order to output the location data in your single php, just use the function rs_event_post() and costumize it with the parameters.


    $argsevent = array(
    'html_post_v1' => '%LOCATION%',
    'html_post_v2' => '%LOCATION%',
    'html_post_v3' => '%LOCATION%',
    'html_post_v4' => '%LOCATION%',


  28. @Corinna Patricia Grether
    I am sorry, but I am not familiar with jquery, so I cannot help you with that. Maybe another user can and he/she presents his/her results on this page.
    In order to style the output with css, just put some tags yourself into the output-fields of the widget control panel. Since the fields hold simple html-code, you can easily add stuff like

    <p class="event"><h1 class="rseventtitle">%title%</h1>
    <br />%date%, %time%</p>

    To get the tags, which are set automatically, just look at or search the source code of your homepage with your browser (not the php-files!). Then, you see the tags and you can create your css.

  29. Hi Florian thx for your fast reply!

    I would like to style the elements as titles, date, excerpt etc with css and jquery.

    But since hours i am searching the tags i wrote…Is there another page where the dinamic data is saved?

    I think i must search them in your plugin page…maybe you know better.

    Thx very much

  30. @Corina Patricia Grether
    I am sorry, but with RS EVENT mulitday and END-TIME can only be added to single day events and not to multiday events. Furthermore I cannot see any way or solution to make it possible with the RS EVENT multiday plugin.

  31. Hi Florian, Thx so much for your work.

    I would like to add an END-TIME in a single and a multi day event. As i am a complete newbee in php where to put my hands on and either i do not know if this is possible…

    I am working with the widget events_list.

    thx for reply

  32. Hi Florian, Thx so much for your work.

    I would like to add an END-TIME in a single and a multi day event. As i am a complete newbee in php where to put my hands on and either i do not know if this is possible…

    I am working with the widget events_list.

    thx for reply


  33. @florian
    Thanks for this plugin. You say that the question bores you but it’s true that it took me ages to find the answer to it. Maybe you should make an easy-to-access faq more user friendly for those who are not interested in codelines but just want to use your plugin at best. Just a suggestion:)

  34. @Kaj Rietberg
    Yes, I stil release updates once in a while, usually one per year. WordPress has not changed much in the last couple of month so there was no need for an update, just for a bugfix. The next release will remove the possibility to output the fulltext with the widget and rs_event_list(), since this request slows down the database and the whole process quite a lot. Then, a fulltext output will only be possible with rs_event_id(). I am still working on a good solution for that.

  35. @Kaj Rietberg
    You can change it at line 353 of rs-event-multiday.php . You have to change the following setting:
    I think about changing it in one of the next versions.

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