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„RS EVENT multiday“ is a WordPress-Plugin to show events on your blog. It is based on RS EVENT by Robert Sargant. This new version can also deal with events, that last for several days. Furthermore, it offers four different output formats.

Latest version: 1.3.2

The WordPress-Plugin „RS EVENT multiday“ can be downloaded at the Plugin Directory of

RS EVENT multiday at

You will find all the information you need for installing and using the RS EVENT multiday at the plugin page of

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375 Gedanken zu „RS EVENT multiday“

  1. Scenario: I will be creating 12 diary events for a monthly event. The content of the post is the same for each event. At the moment I have to create 12 posts with the individual dates and times. Is it possible to create one post with 12 event dates – a recurring event.

    I hope that makes sense!

  2. I’m using the widget. Now that you mention that I looked up the widget and lo and behold, there are all of the settings I couldn’t find. I didn’t realize the widget had all of those settings. So I found where to fix it. Thanks!

  3. @Jeff Meadows
    You are absolutely right and I am very sorry about it: There is a bug. -> At the code of the plugin at lines 941, 952 and 962 „ts_l_location“ has to be replaced by „ts_p_location“.

    I will fix at a.s.a.p and there will be a bugfix release today or tomorrow (v.1.3.1)

    Thank you!

  4. Incomplete code sent. Here it is:

    $rs_id_query = new WP_Query($args);
    while ($rs_id_query->have_posts()) : $rs_id_query->the_post();

    ‚html_post_v2‘ => ‚%DATE%span>%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚html_post_v3‘ => ‚%DATE% – %ENDDATE%%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚html_post_v4‘ => ‚%DATE% (multi-day)%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚date_format_1‘ => ‚l jS F‘,
    ‚date_format_2‘ => ‚l jS F‘,
    ‚time_format‘ => ‚g:ia‘,
    rs_event_post_return($args) ?>

  5. Hi Florian

    Since I updated to v1.3 it seems that %LOCATION% is not producing an output when used with rs_event_post. I wonder if you have any idea why.

    I’ll put my code below. It worked before the update and it’s still working on another site that I haven’t updated yet. I hope you can help.

    $rs_id_query = new WP_Query($args);
    while ($rs_id_query->have_posts()) : $rs_id_query->the_post();

    ‚html_post_v2‘ => ‚%DATE%span>%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚html_post_v3‘ => ‚%DATE% – %ENDDATE%%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚html_post_v4‘ => ‚%DATE% (multi-day)%LOCATION%‘,
    ‚date_format_1‘ => ‚l jS F‘,
    ‚date_format_2‘ => ‚l jS F‘,
    ‚time_format‘ => ‚g:ia‘,
    rs_event_post_return($args) ?>

  6. Hey Florian,
    I’ve just recognized that you’ve finished a new version of your great plugin and, even better, that you’ve decided to follow my suggestion (comment of November 17th, 2010) to introduce a „rs_event_list_return“ function. Works great! Thank you!
    By the way, I had the same issue with resetting the widget in my sidebar as Chris had (I’m accessing your plugin at two different locations – at the sidebar using the widget and at a separate page using the function above). The widget was completely removed from my selections (on the right) at WP’s widget overview page. Supposedly, the problem is associated with introducing WP widget registration. However, it took me only about 10 minutes resetting it (and should not appear again).
    Thanks again and best regards,

  7. @Chris
    If you have used the default settings so far, then there was a change since I have changed the default settings (just a minor change -> the horizontal line went from the beginning to the end).

    If you have already used costumized output settings, they should not have changed at all. Please let me know, if they have.

    However, if you had to change the settings, the reason might have been, that I introduced the new wordpress widget registration. As long as WP does not change the widget registration, As long as I have not make any changes to the widget registration, there should be no need for changing individual settings.

  8. I’m very pleased with this plugin, however I have a concern. It was updated now just 1 or 2 days ago and I had to re-set the output for the list in the sidebar. Is that something I will have to do every time it’s updated ?

  9. @chris
    Thanks for your comment! I am sorry, but the RS EVENT multiday does not offer the possibility to show a calendar. I have no idea (and at the moment no time) to realize that. However, feel free to work on it and improve the plugin!

  10. Hi Florian,
    thanks for taking the time to make this widget available. I’d been looking for a way to show which promotions on my site are live at any given moment, without the need to check post by post. Your plugin is the best I’ve found so far. Can this be set up so that it actualy shows a calendar instead of the list I have right now ?
    Kind regards – Chris

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for this great plugin!
    But I found a few words wich are not translated: „Upcoming Events“ (line 67), „no upcoming events“ (line 97), and „read more“ (lines 86-89). Why and how it can fix?
    I translated your plugin into Slovenian language. I wanted send *.po and *.mo files, but I do not know your e-mail addres.


  12. @Aussteiger
    that is definitely an issue, which should be improved. At the moment, I cannot the any other way than changing the code. With the next version of the plugin, I will change the direct css formating of these divs to classes and ids.
    If you want to work on that, feel free to send me your code and css to

  13. Hi Florian,

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in to this wonderful plugin.

    I was wondering, after my client ask me if it was possible to remove some input fields of the interface , what would be the best way to do that.

    I don’t want to change you’re code and would like to hide the input fields via css, but for expample this div (Location or any other info) doesn’t have and class or id.
    Any good way of removing that input field?


  14. Hi Florian,
    using another WP plugin (CodeStyling Localization) I made an italian translation for myself.
    If you wish, i could send it to you.



  15. @kusum
    I am sorry I will not have neither the time nor the resources to create the code you expect. As long as the RS EVENT multiday plugin works as far as it is meant to work everything is fine and I can not offer much support that goes beyond that.
    However, feel free to change the code of the plugin the way you want it and if feel free to send me the code you created. Then, I will consider to include it in one of the next versions of the plugin and you will not have any problems with updates and so on.

  16. Hi Florian Thanks for giving a nice plugin armed with lots of flexibilty, i am using it for scholarship upcoming deadline notification.

    I am also using “ content quote expiration“ plugin for displaying a message when a deadline is passed in, it replaced the message text in post content body after deadline is meet,

    here i need to enter again date in the that plugin, i just request you to please suggest some way that we can integrate both plugin or function by entering date at only one place.

    if you integrate this way it will work like=>
    1. Text for message to be replaced after deadline passed ( for default)
    2. Enter date of event or Deadline
    3. Put a short code at post body to show Event date/or deadline.
    4. The Rest is doing Rs event multiday widget.



  17. @bagpie
    The plugin itself does not offer any solution to your problem. You just can use it to limit the events shown in the list.
    However, what you can do is to add a simple text widget to the sidebar and in that text-widget, you put a link in html-code to your page, where you show all events. For more information on text widgets and the sidebera, please see the WP Codex at

  18. Hi. Great plugin, thanks for all the good work.
    My sidebar is getting too long with all the events in my widget so would like to show only certain number of events but is it possible to add a link to the bottom of the widget pointing to a page with the full events list and if so where would i add the code?

  19. I would like to use group_by_date to group everything under month like this:

    January 2012
    02 – Event name
    12 – Event name
    19 – Event name

    March 2012
    14 – Event name
    22 – Event name

    So I used: ‚date_format_1‘ => ‚F Y‘, and ‚group_by_date‘ => ‚1‘,

    That works so far. But when I use %DATE% for the HTML list output, it shows „F Y“ again instead of only the DAY of the month. Is it possible to change %DATE% without changing ‚date_format_1‘ => ‚F Y‘? Because then it will break the group_by_date function 🙁

  20. @nepf
    I am sorry, but I cannot think of a change to the code, which shortens the title automatically. I am sure, there is one, but I have no idea, how to realize it.
    An easier way might be, to use the %location%-field for a second and shorter form for your titles. Of course, this is just possible, if you do not need the %location%-field for something else, well, let’s say for example for a location 😉
    If you are not afraid of making changes to the code, just add a second location-field, which works similar to the one that already exists (just name it differently, e.g. %information% or %shorttitle%)

  21. @Michael
    Sorry, I can’t. I have no idea, what user plugins put into the database.
    However, it might work with RS EVENT multiday. But it will definetly be a lot of work and thinking. Thus, I am sorry I cannot offer you a solution.

  22. @Michael
    I guess, I know, what you want. Well, there might be ways to solve your problem. However, you have to be familiar with manipulating your database. Moreover you have to be familiar with the php function mysql2date.
    I think, there are better plugins, which might solve your problem in a better wetter.

  23. Hi Florian,
    ist there any way to use this plugin in relation with a csv-import file. I am eager to populate my blog with events like concerts and would love to put a date into a column which would fill the according custom field. But as the Custom Fields are hidden and I don´t think that the plain date can be used, I kindly asku your advice. rly hope I could explain my issue properly.
    Thx for your work,

  24. @Amy

    1. Via the sidebar widget control panel of the WP backend, the widget can only be placed once in a sidebar. Nevertheless, you can put the function rs_even_list() as many times as you want it in your template or sidebar.php. So yes, please follow step 5.

    2. You have to add the „a“ at the time format of the widget or you have to pass it as a parameter, e.g.:
    ‚time_format‘ => ‚g:i a‘,

  25. Hi! Your widget is just what I was looking for!
    I have a few questions though:

    1. I am able to add all the default WP widgets multiple times but can’t add RS EVENT multiday more than once. I want the widget to appear on the homepage as well as the sidebar (when sidebar is enabled).
    Do you know if this is a problem with the widget or with my theme, and whether I can fix it? Or should I follow step 5 of the installation instructions?

    2. I’m not very familiar with php, but I want to am/pm to show in the time. Where do I place the „a“ in the output?


  26. @Nat,
    Sorry, now I see the problem clearer. However, I cannot see a solution to your problem since an event is still considered as a „rather short“ (i.e. maximum of one day) event, even if it is a multiday event. To sort, add and remove the event, the plugin just uses the start OR end date, so the plugin regards the event as a single day event. SORRY.
    B.t.w.: The start OR end date, which is used for sorting, is stored in the database with the key _rs_event_ts

  27. Thanks, Florian. In the meanwhile I already found my way to print that info using templates 🙂
    Now, I have a new one…
    I’m trying to build an „Events Front Page“ with 3 areas:
    – Past Events (not including the current one)
    – Current Event
    – Upcoming Events (not including the current one)
    (all Events are multi-day)
    Now, my problem is the „not including“ part..
    If I choose to make my events removable from list by „END DATE“, my Current Event will appear among the „Upcoming“.
    If I choose to make my events removable by „START DATE“ the Current Event is always listed among the „Past“ ones…

    (I tried looking at the code but I think the „key date“ is rs_event_ts and didn’t found where to bend it)

    Please, I’d need some sort of logic to list past and future events, separately, and without including the current one.

    Any suggestion? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  28. @Nat Cornes
    Sorry for that sort of chaotic post. You know, it started small and everything was fine and than it grew and I did not have the time to work on it.
    Anyway, to your second (not answered yet) problem:
    For the function rs_event_page() which should be used in page templates, it is only possible to use the parameters %DATE%, %TIME%, %ENDDATE% and %LOCATION% (yes, I should have mentioned that above, well, sorry, I haven’t). Why? For all the other stuff like title and so on you can use the wordpress template tags. This results in a much faster RS EVENT plugin and your template works faster as well.

  29. Hi, since I answered my own question before, I hope it ain’t too bad me asking again.

    The same html formatting that works fine in the Widget doesn’t work in the pages (for me)
    %DATE% – %TITLE% displays „26.01 – The title goes here“ when used in a widget but „26.01 – %TITLE%“ when used in the Loop.
    What can be wrong?

    Thanks 🙂

  30. Ok, solved. It was easy to do, the hard part was browsing through this not so practical post.

    For anyone else like me trying to print the information of the page itelf, the code is one and a half year ago lost in the comments.
    It helps A LOT! Thanks Florian!

    Here again:
    ‘ \\(l\)\ | H:i’,
    ‘html_post_v1′ => ‘

    %DATE% %TIME% Uhr
    ‘html_post_v2′ => ‘

    ‘html_post_v3′ => ‘

    %DATE% bis %ENDDATE%
    ‘html_post_v4′ => ‘

    Beginn: %DATE% (multiday)

  31. Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I’m loving its flexibility to create pages with lists of upcoming and/or archived events.

    I’m unable, however to display a page’s own informations (start date, end date, location)

    What I’d like to do is, after adding Startdate, Enddate and Location to a page (in the Write screen) being able to see these informations in the published page.

    Is there a way I can achieve this? Thanks in advance 🙂

  32. OK, thanks for the hint. But why haven’t you implemented the year form field as a text type? Maybe this would make it easier for some users?
    But thanks for the plugin! It’s great as it is, already!

    1. @Andreas Hartel
      You do nothing wrong! You simply cannot add events that take place more than two years into the future. So, you have two possibilities to solve your problem:
      1. Wait until January 1st, 2012
      2. Make changes to the code of the plugin as follows:
      – Go to line 216 and line 339
      – Change the +2 into +3 (or +4 or whatever you want)

  33. @Chelsea
    Well, the way you describe is exactly the way it is meant to work. Just create a page template, add the RS EVENT multiday code (see the example at at the very bottom of the page) and assign the template to the page (e.g. „Events“).
    For creating templates, please see:

    However, I do not know, how “frailespatique” copes with user templates and how it integrates those. This is, what might take quite some time to figure out. Furthermore, I cannot install the theme on my webspace, since I do not have a license for it (sadly, it’s not freeware or cc).

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